Precision Cutting


PACSHIP can accommodate any precision cutting needs ranging from decorative ceramic tile for home or commercial use to the hardest military armor plating.

PACSHIP is now offering precision abrasive waterjet cutting services for both military and commercial applications. With the ability to cut and shape metals, plastic, stone, glass and composite materials ranging from .035” to 8.5” thick to a tolerance of +/-.0005”, PACSHIP is able to support your most complicated and high-tolerance projects.

Precision Cutting

At PACSHIP you will get:

• Personal attention to you and your project
• The highest levels of quality available (ISO 9001-2015)
• Competitive pricing
• Fast turnaround
• Environmental regulation compliance.

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Precision Cutting PACSHIP’s waterjet services provide the following advantages:

• Precision non-contact cutting
• Minimal material waste
• Near-zero lateral cutting force
• Omni-directional cutting
• No heat-affected zone
• No work hardening or thermal stress
• No finishing operations required
• Material sizes up to 8’x13’

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