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From aircraft carriers to commercial tugs, Pacific ship’s skilled personnel and experienced management can meet your needs





A NAVSEA Master Ship Repair Contractor

PACSHIP has served the U.S. Military, including the Navy, Military Sealift Command, Coast Guard and Army, as well as a wide spectrum of commercial customers ranging from other shipyards to cruise lines, since 1969. PACSHIP is NAVSEA-certified as both a Master Ship Repair Contractor (MSRA) and a Boat Repair Contractor (ABR). PACSHIP facilities are strategically located to support the major West Coast Navy Fleet ports in Southern California and Puget Sound, Washington.




PACSHIP’s renowned ship repair capabilities are easily and often applied to serving the needs of our land-based customers. PACSHIP has designed and built crowd control barriers for musical and sports venues, water reservoir tanks for local water districts, chassis frames for arcade games and custom parts for old and new transportation systems like the San Diego Trolley. With the addition of our new waterjet system and plasma cutter, PACSHIP is able to offer an even greater level of service to our customer base.





Since our founding, PACSHIP has manufactured custom water-tight doors, hatches and scuttles for our own projects. In 2002, we expanded our team of tradesmen and created PACSHIP's Marine Closures Division to serve the the rest of the maritime industry.

Our mission is simple: to provide our customers with the exact, high quality products they need on time and at a reasonable cost. PACSHIP's Marine Closures Division has the capability to manufacture any sized Water-Tight (WT), Quick Acting Water-Tight (QAWT) Ballistic Air-Tight or Non-Tight (NT) Navy standard or custom sized doors, hatches or scuttles.




PACSHIP can accommodate any precision cutting needs ranging from decorative ceramic tile for home or commercial use to the hardest military armor plating. 

PACSHIP is now offering precision abrasive waterjet cutting services for both military and commercial applications. With the ability to cut and shape metals, plastic, stone, glass and composite materials ranging from .035” to 8.5” thick to a tolerance of +/-.0005”, PACSHIP is able to support your most complicated and high-tolerance projects. 




PACSHIP offers both MIL-SPEC and Commercial Powder Coating services covering everything from sensitive naval equipment to custom motorcycle parts. PACSHIP uses the highest quality powder coatings available from Tiger Drylac; and our customers can choose from hundreds of finish and color combinations designed to provide a truly unique custom application. No matter what your need or schedule, PACSHIP can provide a powder coating solution.