Administrative Assistant - Everett, WA

Job Summary

Responsible for the proper and efficient operation of Pacific Ship office functions.


·         High School Graduate or Equivalent

·         Ability to work independently with little or no supervision.

·         Ability to read, understand and implement written procedures.

·         Strong communication skills.

·         Good mathematical skills.

·         Efficient knowledge in Microsoft Office applications.

Essential Job Tasks & Responsibilities

·         Provides administrative support for Pacific Ship operations.

·         Organize and process and/or scan Everett payroll related requests to proper location. Paycheck

distribution to Everett employees each week.

·         Sort daily timecards for Everett location for hourly employees.

·         Sort, distribute, and/or prep mail.

·         Efficiently copy, file, scan and/or fax paperwork.

·         Assists with applicant processing for Everett.

·         Ensure all employee paperwork is complete prior to submission.

·         Process and check out all separating personnel.  Ensure all company property is returned and

forms are complete.

·         Maintains Pac Ship apparel and payroll deduction forms for Everett.

·         Perform other relevant duties as assigned by San Diego Office or General Manager.

Aurora Rivera