Due to the complex technologies employed in today’s ship repair industry, no ship repair contractor can afford to maintain all required technical capabilities in house. PACSHIP employs subcontractors in many areas of our business and is always looking to hire those subcontractors who can offer PACSHIP and our customer the right mix of experience, quality and pricing for the job at hand.

If your company is interested in joining our list of qualified subcontractors, becoming a PACSHIP subcontractor is easy as long as you have the skills, experience, and certifications to do the work.

For further information on subcontracting opportunities at PACSHIP, please contact Mr. Gary Thomas, Director of Contracts, at (619) 232-3200 x121 or


PACSHIP is constantly seeking qualified vendors to support the material requirements of our numerous ongoing programs and maintains a list of qualified vendors. However, due to the many differences in material requirements from customer to customer and program to program, all material requirements and opportunities for supply need to be assessed on a contract by contract basis. Please contact Mr. Charlie Jenkins, Purchasing Manager, at (619) 232- 3200 x202 or for further information regarding vendor opportunities at PACSHIP.


PACSHIP Purchase Orders for supplies and/or services are subject to PACSHIP’s “Purchase Order General Terms & Conditions and Special Terms & Conditions” (T’s & C’s). The Insurance Clause of the PO General Terms & Conditions identifies insurance requirements. PACSHIP also requires the submission of “Supplier Annual Representations and Certifications”. PDF copies of the T's & C's can be accessed by clicking on the link herein. The "Supplier Annual Representations and Certifications" document can be completed and printed on your printer. Depending on the nature of the services your company provides, a Quality Management System audit and/or an Environmental, Health and Safety Management System audit may be required. These documents will be modified from time to time due to the requirements of a specific contract or change in regulations.